Havier's Sanctified Rants

What we’ve been discussing


This sort of goes along with both Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  In Sunday School, we have started a series called #struggles based on the book by Craig Groeschel.  Sunday evening, we are in the book of Daniel.  In both lessons, we deal with the idea of living as social creatures.

In Daniel 4, Daniel must tell the king what his dream meant.  His dream meant that he would go nuts-have the mind of an animal for a period of time- and then be restored. All this would happen because of the king’s pride.  Daniel was the man who would break the news to the guy.

And that brings me to you and to me.  We are the church.  And as much as I dislike the buzzwordy culture that can happen in American evangelicalism right now- we are, in fact, a people of community. See, there are things about me that I have no idea that I do that are not pleasing to God. Ok, maybe I do have an idea about them- but I need people who love me enough to be Daniel.  I need people committed to seeing me grow in Christlikeness, no mater the cost.  They might lose the temporal comfort of good relations with me, and they’re willing to take that risk.  Likewise, I am to be this to others.

That’s where a LOT of sanctification takes place.  Daily devotions are big- hearing the word preached is big, sacraments are big- and community is big too! Yet, we sacrifice these loving encounters at the altar of relational comfort.  We’d rather not rock the boat and as a consequence we sometimes don’t thrive in our faith and devotion to Jesus.

(And yes, this is to be done in charity, not wielding a righteous sword in the name of each others’ sanctification)

What does that really have to do with social media #struggles? Everything.  If not used properly, social media only encourages a facade-like relationship with everyone.  Sure, we ‘like’ them behind a computer screen, but do we really KNOW them? If that’s the nature of all of our relationships with each other; the chances are slim to none that there will be enough care and concern to call sin out in other peoples’ lives.

Let’s not get this twisted though (too far, too much contextualization, my apologies).  This isn’t a call to throw the phones out the window in Jesus’ Name. My mind races back to throwing CD’s into a bonfire in the early 90’s as part of a youth group activity.  (Was it the CD that was the problem or the heart that craved the immoral messages of the CD?) We must love each other, and be close enough to each other that we’re not scared to call sin in each others’ lives…redemptively and lovingly. And we can still do that, while posting stuff on Instagram, so long as we keep everything in its proper context.