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This quarter, in the pastor’s book corner, I chose a dandy little gem entitled, ‘We Become What We Worship’ by G.K. Beale.  It’s a really good, REALLY deep read.  Part of the deepness has to do with the scene from Isaiah 6.  The prophet drops down on his face before a Holy God with angels nearby who can only cover their sinless faces, all the while saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy”.  God then gives a command to Isaiah after making recitation for his sins, “Say to the people (Isaiah), ‘Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive. Make the hearts of these people dull.” Oh no.

I spend many a Sunday night pleading with young people that God isn’t the lightening bolt deity of the ancient folks, a from of behavior modification for times past.  But, here we have Isaiah 6-God commissioning His servant to go out and gain great fruit! be a massive failure from an earthly ministry standpoint. What do we make of this?  Is He then Zeus in the clouds?

Of course not.  No, as the book unfolds, God is using common language where the senses don’t work.  Whenever the senses don’t work, there has been massive idolatry going on.  People have been placing their bets for ultimate everything on something in creation, and just like that thing out there that we have deified, we become like it-we are as responsive to God as that object. Isaiah 6 is the stage where God says to His people through Isaiah, “Your deafness, your spiritual blindness, and unresponsiveness will be a lived out parable of idolatry-look all the earth, this is what happens when you go after things that were never designed to produce ultimate fulfillment.” 

Does this translate to 2014?  How many people seek first and foremost, to control the way people think about them via image modification, social media, bending to culture’s norms of dress/look?  The thought being, “If I can control the way people think about me, THAT will get me that ticket out of loser-ville.” It doesn’t work.  And given enough time, God works the same way. You can be given over to what you think will bring life.  In the end, you can be spiritually deaf and blind as the thing that you’re running after.

So what do we do? 1. Thank God that you’re still convicted over these things, that means you’re NOT blind or deaf, He has chosen to NOT give you over! 2. Have your mind blown by the beauty of the gospel. That for your salvation, Jesus was given over.  He was given over to Roman soldiers, Jewish leaders, and onlookers shouting, ‘Crucify Him!’ He was given over to God’s disapproval, He was made a curse, so that you wouldn’t! He didn’t stay in the grave though, it couldn’t hold Him… Right now there is a resurrected Christ ruling the nations, making intercession for the saints as we speak! Praise Him for spiritual sight, for spiritual hearing!